Improving Your Retail and Business Security

symantec-products-cyber-security-services-screenYou’ve definitely heard about shop-lifting and if you’re the owner of a shop, you definitely thing that this could not be happening to you. Unfortunately, the statistics show that more and more businesses are threatened by this thing, as the level of small crime has increased dramatically over the last period of time.

However, this only means that if you want to keep your profits and not see them walk right out on the door, you should pay more attention to your store and increase the vigilance that you have in supervising everything.

Here are some tips and tricks that you could use for increasing your retail and business security.

Paying Attention and Acknowledging Everyone

You should instruct your employees to take action whenever they see someone entering the shop. It’s a very small thing to greet them and ask them if they could be of service, but it also tells the customers that they are being supervised by someone and that they can’t steal or take something without paying.

If you have time, you could also stay around the shop and offer personal assistance to those who seem to need it. It’s not just a small gesture, but it discourages those who would want to make a bad move and it also shows the rest of the people that you are really interested in their needs.

You and everyone else from your personnel should learn that making eye contact with the customers is extremely essential – it’s a good way to supervise their moves and it’s also a good way to signal them that they are being watched out for and you could help them out in case they need it.

Covering the Area

You could assign some of your staff to browse the store so that all the areas are covered for. This is because there are some situations when you can’t see everything that happens in all the areas, and if there is someone there supervising the customers, there would be less chances for them to possibly steal something.

Your staff should learn how to make pleasant and nice comments about the items that people take with them to the fitting room. It’s a good way to interact with your customers but it’s also a good way to signal them that they are being expected to either return that item or to buy it.

There are also other things that you could do to cover the areas that could be more difficult to supervise. First of all, you need to install cameras in every area of the store, no matter how big or small it is. You also need to do it if you have fitting rooms – some shoplifters have the tendency to enter the fitting room with more items and return only some of them. Another rule that you can use is that you can’t allow customers to get to the fitting room with more than three items at a time.

retail_store_security_camera_demoApart from this, you could install mirrors in the blind spots, bright lights, anti-shoplifting signs and, of course, cameras. You could also hire a security personnel – someone from a specialized company (but you’ll have to pay for this service) or someone that you can hire by yourself – all that this person should do is to wear a specific uniform and browse the store so that customers can see him or her.

The truth is that shoplifting happens all the time, and if you don’t have the right security measures set in place, you could end up with losing not just your merchandise but also a large part of your profit, especially if this happens frequently. Try to make out the most out of these advice and learn that adding a new security measure will only increase your profits, even if you do pay some money for it in the beginning.